Hydon Hill get creative!


James has been been visiting Hydon Hill, a Leonard Cheshire Care Home on the edge of Godalming for nearly 2 years now, and in that time they have created some fantastic artwork and sculptures together. The residents whom mostly have physical impairments and handicaps absolutely love and look forward to the Art Sessions delivered by James.

“We like to explore as many different mediums, materials and ideas as possible” says James, “At Hydon Hill I am very lucky to have some amazing staff like Robbie to help support me and the residents to create lovely art”. In the time that James has been visiting Hydon Hill they have created a lot of art in the Art Sessions and have completed some spectacular art projects. The most recent art projects completed at Hydon Hill have been some Halloween sculptures and a large Christmas Tree advent calendar.

Leonard Cheshire kindly posted an article about Hydon Hill and their creative efforts on the staff intranet for all to see! Take a look…Hydon Hill Artwork Halloween ere it is….

Hydon Hill Artwork Christmas

“Its fantastic that the residents at Hydon Hill have been given some well deserved recognition” stated James. Well done to all residents and staff at Hydon Hill and James for this fantastic feature!

Thank you for reading.