Our first ‘Art Trip!’


art trip


Sarah F, Our Creative Minds (CM) Artist based in Woking organised a very successful art trip recently with one of her clients to the Lightbox Gallery in Woking. Sarah chose the Lightbox because it is a wonderful setting and very accessible for all with a fabulous selection of exhibitions throughout the year. The residents Edna, John, and Betty from Grey’s Residential home, along with their Carer Sophie had a superb afternoon and can’t wait to do it again!

art trip

art trip


The trip began with a visit to the Ingram Collection. Here the wide variety of works on display had something for everyone, and each resident had their own personal favourite piece. Discussion about realism, surrealism and abstraction was sparked, and Edna was particularly drawn to the abstract. She fell in love with this fantastic piece by William Gear (pictured below).

art trip


Edna commented on the experience: “Marvelous! What a wonderful afternoon and seeing this marvelous art, I hope we can come again.”

Betty’s favourite piece was ‘On the Table’ of the Ingram Collection. She also enjoyed the Ruth Borchard portrait collection, and liked how the individual artists portrayed themselves – their dark sides, and sadness – in their works.

art trip


For many of the residents, this was a new opportunity and ultimately a unique chance to experience art in a different way. Our art sessions aspire to encourage active participation and help clients to create beautiful work. This trip fostered a different kind of involvement in art – one of observation, thoughtfulness, reflection, and discussion. We are delighted to have discovered a new way for residents to enjoy art, and we aim to take the residents of Greys Residential Home on another art trip in the near future and encourage other CM Artists to organise similar art trips for their clients.

art trip

art trip


John also enjoyed the experience; he found that it brought back some happy personal memories. Though he previously preferred to watch his loved one draw, during the two years that Sarah has been delivering art sessions with Grey’s she has seen John experiment with every medium and shy away from nothing. One of his beautiful charcoal studies is now a permanent fixture on the lounge wall. At the Lightbox, Sarah and John were both intrigued by the variety of work created by Sidney Sime, and John was particularly taken with a painting of London taxis (pictured below).

art trip


CM artist Sarah said: “It was such a joy and privilege to bring about and organise this trip as an alternative art session, watching these wonderful folks absorbing the art on display, the intrigue, the questions, the pleasure.” The trip was a great afternoon, topped off by tea and cake in the café to end the day.

We hope that this is the beginning of many more art trips for care homes organised by CM Artists across the country. Art trips are yet another way for us to enhance our service and to ensure that art is truly accessible to everyone.

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Appleby House ‘Renaming Ceremony!’


What an exciting year its been for Appleby House Care Home in Epsom!

As you may know we’ve been delivering art sessions to Appleby House for over 2 years now, and the sessions have had a profound impact on the home, staff, residents and relatives. Early this year, Shona the manager announced that in honor of their commitment to the arts they would be renaming all of the suites in the home after famous artists!

The ‘Renaming Ceremony’ took place on May 9th, to officially rename the suites. James Cropper (our Founder and Director) and Sara Hurley were invited to the ceremony, along with Sylvie (Director of Napa) and Jacqui White (Marketing Director for Care UK) who helped cut the ribbon (pictured: credit to Care UK).

James was pleased to tour the house and visit each of the five newly named suites after famous artists, Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci. The entrance to each now features a plaque in the shape of an artist’s palate with the printed surname. (pictures). After the tour James and everyone enjoyed a buffet lunch and glass of wine as a harpist played a beautiful melody at the other side of the room.

appleby houseappleby houseappleby house appleby house appleby house appleby house appleby house appleby house

The art sessions at Appleby House began with James over 2 years ago, before passing the sessions onto Sarah and Sara our Woking and Ascot based CM Artists. Since the beginning of the year CM Artist, Sarah has been delivering weekly inter-generational art sessions at the home, involving residents and children from the local Epsom Primary School. The sessions are widely praised and highly popular at the care home and the ‘Renaming Ceremony’ has been yet another example of the homes commitment to art and the belief that it can have a transformational effect on peoples lives. You can read more about Appleby House in our previous blog posts here:

The ceremony was a huge success, and a good time was had all round. We feel honored to have had this positive impact on our clients, and privileged to work with such an inspiring team.

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