Funding Options

We have 2 Funding Options available to artists who are looking for capital to help them start their Creative Minds businesses.

The Funding Options that we have available are the Fredericks Foundation and the Start-up Loans Company…

Fredericks Foundation are a well-established lender and have been providing finance to businesses since 2001. Fredericks are very open minded when it comes to lending and seek to help anyone that has a viable business proposition, even those who cannot obtain mainstream finance.

Fredericks Foundation and Creative Minds partnered at the beginning of 2020, to help artists interested in joining us finance the franchise. In addition to lending, Fredericks have a support & mentorship team that will be able to provide mentorship, practical business advice, networking and links within the local community that could help support and grow artists businesses.

Depending on your credit profile, Fredericks will be able to lend you £6,000 over a 4 years/48 month term at 10% interest. As partners we have streamlined the application process and applicants could expect a decision within 2-3 weeks.

Another option is the Start-up Loans Company who are a UK Government backed lender helping businesses to access finance since September 2012.

They assess applications on a person-to-person basis and may be able to lend you £6,000 over a 5-year/60 month term starting at 6% interest. Their application process can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

For more information about both Funding Options and how to apply please email us –