The Appleby Tate, one year on!


Its been over a year since the opening of the Appleby Tate art gallery at Appleby House Care Home (Care UK) in Epsom, Surrey, which was officially opened by the Mayor and Mayoress of Epsom on Care Home Open Day 2015. The ‘Appleby Tate’ is an incredible gallery space that has been created to display all of the fantastic artwork created in Art Sessions by the residents. We have been delivering Art Sessions to Appleby House for nearly 2 years now, and the residents most of whom have dementia, have created wonderful art, crafts and sculpture over that time.

the appleby tate

the appleby tate

James the founder of Creative Minds use to deliver Art Sessions to Appleby House, which inspired the manager Shona Bradbury and the activities team to transform the space. He explains; “The Art Sessions are hugely popular at Appleby House and all of the residents that participate create fantastic artwork, and really immerse themselves in the creative process. The Appleby Tate started out as a vision to display the resident’s artwork by utilising unused wall space, but with the hard work of Shona and the activities team they have transformed it into an amazing gallery space to showcase all of the resident’s artwork. Its awe inspiring to see and it doesn’t stop at the seating area it continues down the hallway!

The Art Sessions have had a profound effect on Appleby House and will continue to do so as the artwork displayed in the gallery is rotated. Recent changes include the brightly coloured gallery walls and the creation of giant flowers on display near the seating area.

The gallery has also had a profound effect on the care home environment, Shona, Manager at Appleby House, comments;  ‘The art sessions have had such a positive impact on the home that we were also inspired to have vibrant feature walls that have carried on to all the suites. With each phase of our growing appreciation of art and colour we see at the same time increased wellbeing for the residents and staff. One GP recently said “What’s happened to the home, the residents used to sit around and now they are all so lively”. We are so inspired by the effect of the art that we are renaming the suites in the home after famous artists. The residents are currently creating a signature art piece from each of their chosen artists to be displayed in the suites. This is part of our commitment to becoming a home driven by artistic and creative therapies. The look on visitors faces is priceless and we love to tell them that we like to focus on what people living with dementia can do and not what they can’t. Our recent CQC inspection awarded us as ‘Outstanding’ for all our activities and they were blown away by the Appleby Tate and the artwork.”

the appleby tate

the appleby tate

It is known in health care that participation in an array of activities in care homes is vital in maintaining an individual’s health and well-being. Our Art Sessions provide a relaxing environment for the residents to explore their creativity and feel engaged and empowered through the use of various materials and mediums to create their art. Residents, staff and family members have noted that our sessions help to reduce agitation, improve mood, dexterity, social cohesion and boost levels of self-esteem and confidence. In addition, residents regularly produce beautiful artwork, which can be displayed, like the Appleby Tate, throughout the care home.

In the Appleby Tate’s case the display of the artwork increases its impact not only on those who participate but other residents in the home, James comments; “We’ve proven that our Art Sessions empower and enhance the lives of the participants and I think displaying the artwork as Appleby House have done amplifies that impact, reaching those who haven’t participated in the sessions, the staff, the relatives, it enhances the whole care environment.”

The Appleby Tate is a testament to the impact that the Art Sessions can have on a care home and an indication as to how they can impact other types of venue. Our goal is to continue to nuture and encourage the venues we work with to display the artwork created by the participants, and we’re certain more Appleby Tate like art galleries will emerge as a result.

Care Home Open Day 2016!


On Care Home Open Day (CHOD) last year, we opened the amazing Appleby Tate gallery at Appleby House Care Home in Epsom, arguably the first art gallery in a care home setting, along with other Art Sessions taking place across the South East. Since then our community of artists has grown dramatically and so this year CHOD was even more eventful and jam packed! We had various Art Projects taking place throughout May and June in preparation for their unveiling on CHOD and Art Sessions taking place across the country on CHOD itself.

Here’s some of the wonderful artwork created by the residents in our Art Sessions for CHOD 2016…

Jubilee House Care Home (Care UK) in Godalming, Surrey celebrated Care Home Open Day in Wonderland, creating a fabulous Alice in Wonderland display! The residents enjoyed creating all the elements of the display with the help of Sarah, our experienced Creative Minds Artist. The residents had a wonderful array of activities running throughout the day, everyone enjoyed a BBQ lunch and it was great to see the staff in costume. The Director of Creative Minds, James Cropper and the Mayor of Waverley, Councillor Chris Storey dropped by to admire the display. Congratulations to Totka the manager and the team for organising such a fantastic event.

care home open day 1

care home open day 3

care home open day 2


The residents at Wellesley Road Care Home (Shaw Healthcare) in North London created personal story pictures using images sources from the internet. It was great for the residents to reminisce about their childhood and the bygone days of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. All the artwork created by the residents in the sessions was put on display for CHOD for visitors and relatives to see.

care home open day 19

care home opne day 18

care home open day 17


Sunrise of Fleet (Sunrise Senior Living UK) in Fleet, Hampshire had some very productive and fun sessions making artwork and props for their “Best of British” theme for Care Home Open Day. All the residents were involved in creating different elements of the display from the bunting to a life size figure of a Grenadier Guard. The “Best of British” themed day was a great success and enjoyed by all who visited the home on CHOD.

care home open day 13

care home open day 11

care home open day 12

care home open day 10

care home open day 14


The residents at Grosvenor Park Care Home (Bupa) in Bexhill, East Sussex had a big tea party planned for Saturday to celebrate the Queens 90th and Care Home Open Day so they made a collage using pictures of the Queen through out her life. The residents made little crowns our of felt and sequins and stuck on union jacks to further decorate their pictures. Everyone was very impressed with what had been achieved and no sooner had the picture been finished it was on display for all to see.

care home open day 22


The residents at Puttenham Hill House Care Home (Bupa) in Guildford, Surrey enjoyed creating the props for their ‘Day at the Races’ Theme for Care Home Open Day. They loved decorating their hats, making felt brooches and flowers for the winner’s enclosure, as well as a large horse and jockey sculpture. Everyone worked really well as team to create all the props for CHOD and from what we’ve heard they had a lovely day!

care home open day 4

care home open day 8

care home open day 6

care home open day 7

care home open day 5

care home open day 9


Finally all of the artwork created by the residents at Greys Residential Home in Woking, Surrey was framed and put on display for CHOD for all the visitors and relatives to admire. What an amazing variety of work they’ve created!

care home open day 21

care home open day 20


All of the residents featured in this blog post have given their consent.