A message from Creative Minds re’ Coronavirus & Art Activity Boxes


Dear clients,

As the coronavirus situation escalates we want to reassure you of our full support and understanding during this difficult and concerning time. As many of you are aware, immediate steps have been taken by our clients, especially the care sector to restrict visitors in order to protect the most vulnerable people in our society. These measures are absolutely necessary to ensure the protection and safety of our vulnerable population across the country.

However in times of restriction and isolation the importance of activities and stimulation becomes ever more apparent. Their importance to peoples health and wellbeing cannot be understated, whether it’s music, arts & crafts, poetry, sowing, other crafts or forms of entertainment.

In light of the restrictive measures implemented across the country, in particular in the care sector we as a community of artists have been working hard to develop ‘Art Activity Boxes’.

Our Art Activity Boxes contain accessible pre-planned sessions with all the art mediums, materials and equipment required, which can be delivered straight to your doorstep.

The Art Activity Boxes are priced at £35 each (based on one session plan) and can be delivered on a monthly/weekly basis.

Example Art Activity Box by Judy & Caroline, CM Artists based in Salisbury

To find out more and enquire please click below…

*Please be aware that this is dependent on where our artists are located and we may not be able to deliver to you if you are too far away*

Thank you for your support and we wish all of our clients the very best. We’ll get through this together!

Creative Minds.

Creative Wellbeing Retreats at Devon Sculpture Park


There is growing evidence that spending time in nature is essential to our wellbeing. From the pureness of the oxygen we breathe, to the sounds of wildlife, the visual beauty of a flower coming into bloom, each sense is uniquely awakened when we spend time re-connecting with our natural surroundings, bringing with it an innate sense of peace and connection with ourselves and the earth.

Alongside this, further research suggests that ‘the act of creating’ is equally important to our sense of wellbeing, spending just 45 minutes engaged in a creative activity lowers the bodies stress hormone significantly.

At Creative Minds we wholeheartedly believe in the power of both art and nature to transform our sense of wellbeing. We wanted to encompass this in our offering for 2020, and so we have partnered with the stunning Devon Sculpture Park, the UK’s leading smaller scale rewilding project and environmental art centre, to offer a monthly Creative Wellbeing Retreat, the first of which is planned for March 11th.

creative wellbeing retreats
‘Art will never be able to exist without nature.’ – Pierre Bonnard

Our Creative Wellbeing Retreats will provide the perfect combination of nature, art and creative expression for maximum impact on our wellbeing – come and try for yourself…

Refresh, re-imagine and create surrounded by contemporary environmental art, re-wilded Capability Brown gardens, ancient waterways, wildlife and endless sea views.

creative wellbeing retreats
creative wellbeing retreats
‘Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty’ – John Ruskin

Attendees will spend time sketching en plein air, soaking in the beauty of the park, being inspired by the stunning environmental art on display, and gathering natural materials to incorporate into our own art. They can then return to the school house studio for some experimenting – with both natural and traditional art materials – to create their own unique mixed media responses to the uniquely beautiful surroundings, guided by Exeter based Creative Minds Artist Liz Swan.

creative wellbeing retreats
‘I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?’ – Vincent van Gogh 

A healthy laid-back lunch at the Robert Adam gallery is included, as well as a guided wellbeing walk through the park and access to all of the art exhibitions.

These retreats are suitable for all levels of art experience, we attendees will encourage each other and share skills along the way.

Book your place now for a day to restore and reenergise your creative soul! To find out more click/tap here: Creative Wellbeing Retreats -Devon

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