Do you have any material that I can read through to find out more information about the Franchise?

Yes, we have a Franchise Booklet that can be requested as you scroll down towards the bottom of the ‘Franchise’ page (https://creativeminds.art/franchise). The booklet will provide you with an overview of the franchise and what it’s like to be part of Creative Minds. When you meet James you’ll be given a Franchise Brochure with more information.


Is there a process that I’m taken through once I’ve completed a Franchise Application?

We have a franchise process in place to enable both you and us to decide whether the franchise is right for you. The franchise process starts off with the Franchise Application (at the bottom of the Franchise page https://creativeminds.art/franchise/) and once received James will be in touch to arrange a phone call to provide you with more information. At the end of the phone call he’ll arrange a meeting and at the meeting James will go through a Franchise Brochure with you and provide you with other materials. From there we’ll arrange for you to shadow a CM Artist to gain an insight into how the art sessions work and you’ll also meet Sarah, our Head of Community Development. Then if you’re happy to join us we’ll prepare you for training. On the first day of training you’ll sign a Franchise Agreement to start your Creative Minds journey.


What does the training entail and where does it take place?

Our training takes place over 3 days and includes Business Operations & Marketing, Delivering the Art Sessions and Diversifying Your Business. Our extensive training will provide you with all the information you need to launch your Creative Minds business.

The training will take place in Guildford, Surrey at a lovely Community Centre we use.


How long do you expect the art equipment and materials provided to last me?

The essential art equipment and materials provided to you as part of your Start-up should last you around 18 months before needing to restock. We can only provide you with a rough guide as this depends on the sessions that you deliver, how much you and the participants use in your sessions and their condition i.e. how quickly they deteriorate through use.


Will I be given an exclusive territory to operate my business and where will it be?

Yes, as a franchisee you will have an exclusive territory to operate your business and deliver your sessions, and each territory includes between 180-250 prospective clients.

Your territory will likely be at or near your location. You’ll be shown your potential territory on our dedicated software in the meeting with James.


How long do you estimate it could take me to build up my business?

We estimate that it will take up to:

  • 6-8 Months to build a part-time business (20-27 art sessions per month)
  • 8-12 Months to build a full-time business (28-35+ art sessions per month)

We can only ever estimate the length of time it will take artists to build their businesses as it depends from person-to-person.


How much could I earn as a Creative Minds Artist?

As a Creative Minds Artist we estimate you could earn up to:

  • £22,000 on a part-time basis, delivering up to 27 art session a month.
  • £30,000 on a full-time basis, delivering up to 35+ art sessions a month.

The above figures are based on delivering sessions to care homes on a fortnightly basis, where we charge £70 per session. The income you could achieve as a CM Artist will depend on the amount of art sessions you deliver, who you deliver them to and how much you charge/is paid. Due to the many variables involved in running the business we can only ever give estimates as to the income and expenses and there is a breakdown of these figures that can be viewed in our Franchise Brochure.


Will I be able to work with people of all ages, not just older people?

Yes of course, as a social enterprise one of our social aims is to make art accessible to everyone so we have worked hard over the last two years to enable CM Artists to be able to diversify their businesses. In addition to covering this in detail in training we have a Business Opportunities document that will provide you with all the information to help you diversify your business to work with children, toddlers, adults, learning disabilities and more in a wide variety of venues. 


How long will my franchise with Creative Minds be and what happens at the end of that period of time?

The franchise term with Creative Minds is 3 years in length. Some franchises have term lengths of 5 or even 10 years, but for Creative Minds 3 years is an ample amount of time for you to establish yourself. Towards the end of the 3 years you’ll be asked to renew your Franchise and we have a flexible renewal of 2 or 3 years with a Franchise Renewal Fee of £200+VAT. Once renewed you can just continue delivering sessions to your regular clientele.


What sort of support will I receive as a franchisee?

Sarah our Head of Community Development will be there to support you throughout your journey as a CM Artist. She will be communicating to you though all means, on sometimes a weekly basis in the first 6 months to ensure that you’re happy, answer any questions you may have, provide you with guidance and mentorship and ensure that your business launches effectively.


Why does the franchise charge a fixed monthly fee and not a % of income?

We charge a fixed monthly fee and not a % due to it being easier to administer, making it easy for you to know how much to pay and for us to know how much we receive. Many franchises charge a % of your income of about 12-15%, which can become expensive as you build your business. Our affordable monthly Service Fee starts at £100+VAT a month and is equivalent to about 5-7% of your monthly income based on our monthly income estimates.


Do I have to deliver set pre-planned sessions to my clients or can I create my own sessions?

We definitely won’t ask you to deliver prescriptive sessions to your clients. It’s important that you are able to able to devise and develop your own art sessions, putting your own personality and stamp on them whilst also tailoring them to your clients.


What guidance or materials are available to help me with art sessions idea’s?

We have an Art Sessions Book, which is a fantastic resource with up to 300 art sessions in and an Art Sessions group on Facebook with 1000’s of art sessions. You’ll never run out of idea’s and inspiration for your sessions!


How much do you charge for the classes you run and are these set across the country?

We charge £70 per session to care homes for older people, £12-£14 for people with learning disabilities, £8 per child for sessions to children between the ages of 5-12 and £6 per child for sessions to toddlers between the ages of 1-4. All of our charges are consistent across the community regardless of where they are in the country.


Can me and my friend join Creative Minds as a pair?

Yes of course! We had our first 2 pairs of artists join us last year – Judy & Caroline in Salisbury, Wiltshire and Charlie & Caroline in Wokingham, Berkshire. View them here: https://creativeminds.art/our-community/


I can’t afford the initial Start-up Fee do you have any funding options available to me?

Yes, for those that are unable to afford our initial Start-up Fee of £3,000+VAT or would prefer to pay for it using a loan, we have a couple of funding options available.

The first option is with our Funding Partner the Fredericks Foundation, who will be able to lend you £6,000 over 4 years at 10% interest. Fredericks Foundation has been providing finance since 2001, and helps numerous start-ups across the country funding individuals from a variety of backgrounds, with varied credit ratings. As a Funding Partner the application process for prospective franchisees will be very quick at 2-3 weeks.

The second option is to apply to Start-up Loans, that will be able to lend you £6,000 over a 5-year term starting at 6% interest. Start-up Loans are a UK Government backed lender and have been helping businesses access finance since September 2012. Their application process can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks.

To find our more information on the funding options available to you visit: www.creativeminds.art/funding-options