Our First Painting and Prosecco Party!


Our CM Artist Liz, based in Devon, recently held her first Painting and Prosecco party. One of the parents from her regular “Kids Create” groups expressed an interest in giving art a go, so they decided to hold a party at her house. A number of friends came along for a fun, relaxing evening of creativity. The night was such a success, that they all want to make it a regular evening!

None of the guests had really created any artwork since their school years, and were keen on trying something new. The party host had a lovely big dining table, where Liz laid out a selection of artistic materials including watercolours, pastels, acrylics and a selection of different textured paper. Then everyone enjoyed a glass of Prosecco whilst Liz ran some demonstrations showing different techniques to try. The task was to experiment with each medium and work towards creating a patchwork landscape picture.

painting and prosecco
painting and prosecco
painting and prosecco

Everyone got stuck in straight away, whilst Liz encouraged them to enjoy the process of exploring the mediums rather than focussing too much on the end result. Liz was on hand to offer advice, and help them to discover different ways to use each of the different mediums. Every enjoyed the fact that the session was so easy-going and informal, and it didn’t matter whether or not they had artist experience or not. It was a much more of a laid-back approach to getting creative rather, than your traditional art class, which can be intimidating for those without much experience.

painting and prosecco
painting and prosecco
painting and prosecco
painting and prosecco
painting and prosecco

All of the party attendees thoroughly enjoyed their evening, and found it a lovely way to get together with friends and unwind after a busy week. Everyone who went said they would love to all get together to do it again soon! Many were thrilled with their work, and all loved exploring the different materials on offer whilst enjoying the creative process. The evening was a huge success!

Liz can’t wait to run more of these parties this year, and is looking into running a regular Painting and Prosecco night at a local venue.

Hydon Hill get creative!


James has been been visiting Hydon Hill, a Leonard Cheshire Care Home on the edge of Godalming for nearly 2 years now, and in that time they have created some fantastic artwork and sculptures together. The residents whom mostly have physical impairments and handicaps absolutely love and look forward to the Art Sessions delivered by James.

“We like to explore as many different mediums, materials and ideas as possible” says James, “At Hydon Hill I am very lucky to have some amazing staff like Robbie to help support me and the residents to create lovely art”. In the time that James has been visiting Hydon Hill they have created a lot of art in the Art Sessions and have completed some spectacular art projects. The most recent art projects completed at Hydon Hill have been some Halloween sculptures and a large Christmas Tree advent calendar.

Leonard Cheshire kindly posted an article about Hydon Hill and their creative efforts on the staff intranet for all to see! Take a look…Hydon Hill Artwork Halloween ere it is….

Hydon Hill Artwork Christmas

“Its fantastic that the residents at Hydon Hill have been given some well deserved recognition” stated James. Well done to all residents and staff at Hydon Hill and James for this fantastic feature!

Thank you for reading.

Our feature in the Surrey Advertiser!


We are proud to announce that Creative Minds has been featured in not 1 but 2 of the local Surrey Papers at the end of February!!

Here’s one of our features in the Surrey Advertiser with myself and two of the lovely elderly residents that I work with from Avery’s Silvermere Care Home! As you can see they’re holding their framed pastel landscapes that were produced in one of the Art Sessions held at Silvermere!

I had a long telephone interview with Fergus the Community News Editor at the Surrey Advertiser about my previous experiences, Creative Minds and working with the elderly and people with learning disabilities. I told Fergus… “The aim of the sessions is to provide exciting and engaging activities which are good for the health and well-being of the residents by stimulating their minds in a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure”.


Creative Minds feature in the Surrey Advertiser.


Here is another feature this time in the Elmbridge Guardian which talks more specifically about the Art Sessions at Silvermere in Cobham.

It says – “The art sessions allow residents to express themselves in a calm and engaging atmosphere and allows residents with dementia to reconnect with previous experiences and memories.”


Creative Minds in the Surrey Advertiser & Elmbridge Guardian.


We were very excited to be featured in two of Surrey’s prominent newspapers and its some great initial publicity for Creative Minds. This is the first but it definitely wont be the last, more features and articles to come folks!

Thanks for reading!