Giant Flowers Project!


Whilst starting various Easter Projects at the end of February including the Easter Bunnies I also decided to prepare for the Spring months by start Spring Projects with some of the care homes. I quickly decided with a couple of the care homes that I visit that we were going to make some giant flowers to see in Spring and Summer. The Art Projects were called The Giant Flowers Project and this has been one of my most ambitious ideas and Art Projects to date!

Below are some of the giant flowers made entirely out of cardboard!

* The picture in the top left is at the beginning of the project and features the petals of the daisy and the Rose made of rolled cardboard.

*In the top right is the tulip made from thin sheets of card bent and fixed into shape using masking tape and hot rubber glue.

*Bottom left is a picture taken during the Art Session where we had constructed the daffodil and daisy and started covering them with paper mache to make the structures more rigid.

*And Bottom right are some of the complete giant flower heads from both of the Giant Flowers Projects.

Once the flowers were covered in paper mache, dried solid and had been primed it was time to paint them in bright colours! Once they had been painted we covered them in a thin coat of gloss varnish to give them a nice shine and then they were ready to be fixed to the plastic coated bamboo stems that I had bought.

So here is me, the residents and staff with one of the finished Giant Flowers Project’s below consisting of a yellow Rose, blue Pansy, pink Tulip and a Daisy! 🙂

Giant Flowers with me, staff and residents.

Giants Flowers and me.

Here’s pictures of another completed Giant Flower Project at a care home in Guildford!

Giant Flowers in Guildford

Giant Flowers in Guildford 2

Giant Flowers in Guildford group pic

More projects to come, hope you enjoyed reading!