I have loved arts and crafts for as long as I can remember. I went to Art College at 16, followed by a degree in Textile Crafts. I later went on to teach English and Arts abroad, and was lucky enough to live in Austria, China and Brazil whilst doing so. During this time I taught English through Art, painted school murals and designed a schools’ art curriculum.

When I returned to the UK I continued in the field of education, working in primary schools. I took every opportunity possible to bring creativity into the classroom, and wished the children could be given more time to pursue creative projects.

More recently I have focused on the benefits art and creativity can bring to mental health and have completed courses in Art as Therapy and Arts in Health and Well-being.  I am especially interested in providing therapeutic art sessions for children.

When I discovered Creative Minds I knew it was exactly what I’d like to do. Everyone has the ability to be creative and to enjoy all creative processes. I believe Creative Minds helps people to realise this in a fun, welcoming and inclusive way. Creative Minds also gives the freedom for a good work-life balance, so I can fit in being mum to my tiny tots!