My BA Art degree was in Textile Design and Surface Decoration. I specialised in printed and mixed media textiles for fashion. I explored art history, drawing, print making, knit and surface decoration. I have incorporated many of these disciplines into my own personal work. I have worked in the fashion industry selling fashion fabric designs and had individual work commissioned for clients and restaurants.


Over the last 20 years, I have gained a wealth of experience teaching in many north London schools and colleges. I am a fully qualified teacher of art and taught Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level art.


Seeing art first hand is such a valuable and enriching experience. I have run several trips to various galleries in London. One of the most exciting trips was when I organised a trip to Italy, exploring the art of Rome and Florence. I worked with an artist in residence for a sculpture project and hosted art enrichment classes to other local schools. Students worked with me to produce a range of mosaics on natural forms, for the whole school to enjoy on display in the courtyard.


More recently, I worked for The Seasons Art Class where I have taught art to adults from beginners to more advanced stages, where we explored a range of mediums. I really enjoyed teaching adults and in a more informal setting, and seeing the relationships and community come together.


My passion in art and my ever-increasing belief that art has a fundamental role to play in education and the community. This convinced me that I would gain a great deal of pleasure working with Creative Minds and the brilliant team of artists. I am really enthusiastic to see how art can be used in the wider community and the difference it can make to people’s lives.