I am a practicing visual artist and trainee art psychotherapist living in London. Having worked in different creative position over the years as well as working in the Art Gallery/Museum sector in New York City, I am very excited to be running my own business as Creative Minds Artist and working within such a creative and inspiring community. People have different constants in life, things that are there to stay. For me it has always been Art and every branch that I practice reveals new possibilities. My work expresses life in modern cultures. Inner images exist as a result of our memories, our emotions and the environment we live in. My paintings are often a synthesis of colour, line, form and texture and invite the viewer to enter a journey into different realms, intangible worlds from which all material phenomena originate from. My aim as Artist is to bring inner visions to a conscious level and to help people start a personal dialogue in order to question the reality behind well worn thought patterns. We live in a time where information moves at a rapid speed. Art can mitigate that numbing effect that modern society is creating by offering spaces for stillness and reflection. Art is a way of thinking and offers an abstract & spiritual way to digest and to respond to what we are fed. It is a wonderful opportunity for me to spread my love for Art and Creativity into the local community so that others can receive pleasure by engaging in the creative process.